What would the Christmas season be without the singing of carols! Thus, to give more joy to you and yours, the Ensign asked the Church Music Department’s help in the creation of some new Christmas carols. So, come one and all—gather ’round and sing!

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

1. Have an Old Fashioned Christmas this year.
Spread the spirit of love and good cheer.
Hang some bright lights to greet the folks on the street.
Have an Old Fashioned Christmas this year.
2. Have an Old Fashioned Christmas again,
With plum pudding and gingerbread men.
Fill a big basket for the family next door.
Have an Old Fashioned Christmas again.
Bake a pie,
Bake a cake,
All the kinds you watch’d Grandmother make.
Take a ride in a sleigh,
Sing the old yuletide songs on the way.
3. Read the “First Christmas Story” again.
Offer peace and good will to all men.
May you capture the glow you felt long ago,
And may all of your loved ones be near
For your Old Fashioned Christmas this year.

One Night in Bethlehem

1. In the little hamlet of Bethlehem,
The villagers gathered one night;
Have you seen, have you seen,
Have you ever seen a star so big and so bright?
2. And they looked at the trees there in Bethlehem,
The groves of olive and palm;
Have you seen, have you seen,
Have you ever seen the leaves so peaceful and calm?
3. In the light of the star over Bethlehem,
The shepherds stood watch on a hill;
Have you seen, have you seen,
Have you ever seen the sheep so quiet and still?
4. In the little hamlet of Bethlehem,
They heard the angels sing;
Have you been, have you been to the manger near the inn?
Christ is born, our Savior and King.

Infant Jesus, Holy Babe

Gently Swaying

This carol, although intended as a solo, may be sung by two or more voices in unison, or may be played by the violin, viola, cello (octave lower), flute (octave higher), or clarinet (using transposed part). If it is played on an instrument, it is best to omit the repeat.

1. Infant Jesus,
Holy Babe,
Born of Virgin Mary;
Born to suffer,
Born to die;
Born our sins to carry;
In a stall at Bethlehem,
There to start your life with men,
And there begin your mortal day,
And on earth to tarry.
2. Holy Jesus,
Son of God,
King of all creation,
Come to earth to ’stablish peace,
Peace in ev’ry nation.
O, dear Savior,
Child of love,
Make this earth like heav’n above;
O teach thy people by thy life
From thee comes salvation.
3. Dear Redeemer,
God of all,
Born in humble manger;
Savior, help us live thy love,
precious little stranger.
But, no stranger,
you, my dear,
Save to those who will not hear,
O help us,
help us,
Holy Babe,
born in humble manger.

The Miracle

1. Sacred night,
Celestial bright,
Holy star of radiant light;
Wise men search the heaven deep;
Gentle shepherds watch their sheep.
2. Tiny Jesus,
soft and sweet,
Magi worship at thy feet;
Tender Mary, kind and dear,
Loving angels guard thee near.
3. To the noble Lord and King,
Praises, love, and glory bring;
Gracious Savior of the earth,
Endless worlds proclaim thy birth.