Funeral Sermons

[photos] Photography by Eldon Linschoten, Frank Gale, Royce Bair, Lonnie Lonczyna, and Jed Clark.

[photos] President Lee’s body lay in state for one and one-half days, during which time the line of mourners visiting him for the last time never diminished, even though it snowed and rained almost continually.

[photos] Mourners.

[photo] President Lee’s grandsons bear the casket from the Church Administration Building, en route to the Tabernacle. General Authorities, honorary pallbearers, line the steps.

[photo] President Spencer W. Kimball, as president of the Council of the Twelve, conducted the funeral service and spoke.

[photo] President Spencer W. Kimball, left, with President Ezra Taft Benson, and Elders Mark E. Petersen and Delbert L. Stapley of the Council of the Twelve.

[photo] President Lee’s counselors sit pensively on either side of the empty chair.

[photo] An overview of the scene at the Tabernacle, with General Authorities at left, the bier in front, and family and friends to the right.

[photo] The funeral cortege leaves the Church Administration Building for the Tabernacle.

[photo] Sister Helen Goates and Freda Joan Lee

[photo] Shielded from the rain by umbrellas, President Spencer W. Kimball conducts the graveside service. L. Brent Goates, left, son-in-law of President Lee, gave the dedicatory prayer.

[photos] Pallbearers carry the casket from the hearse to the graveside.