In an Upper Room

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    1. They sat at meat, their souls in pain,
    The Lord was dead, the Lord was slain:
    They’d seen him on the cross of doom;
    His body lay in Joseph’s tomb.
    Then by the board he stood once more:
    He lives, he lives, now as before!
    He ate, then drank;
    They saw, then felt,
    As at his feet in awe they knelt.
    2. A calm command to Thomas came:
    “Feel thou my hands, they are the same
    As when I hung upon a tree,
    And suffered death for all and thee.”
    To him he said, in solemn tones:
    “My body feel, ’tis flesh and bones.”
    Our souls cry out:
    “Bow ’neath his rod;
    Acclaim him Savior, Lord and God.”