Family Music for Easter

S. Dilworth Young

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    Christ … risen from the dead … What do the words actually mean? With music suitable for family singing, feel the message coming from the apostles in Jerusalem, from the faithful Saints in ancient America, from Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove.

    On One Spring Day

    1. On one spring day, long long ago,
    The risen Lord appeared to many and a loyal few.
    The angels sang with one accord
    To celebrate the risen Lord.
    2. On one spring day but yesterday,
    The risen Lord appeared to Joseph in the sacred grove.
    The Father stood beside his son
    And witness bore, “He is my own.”
    3. On this spring day at Easter time
    We sing our song of love;
    The Lord upon the cross was raised;
    But rose again, give praise, give praise!
    We worship Him throughout our days.

    In an Upper Room

    1. They sat at meat, their souls in pain,
    The Lord was dead, the Lord was slain:
    They’d seen him on the cross of doom;
    His body lay in Joseph’s tomb.
    Then by the board he stood once more:
    He lives, he lives, now as before!
    He ate, then drank;
    They saw, then felt,
    As at his feet in awe they knelt.
    2. A calm command to Thomas came:
    “Feel thou my hands, they are the same
    As when I hung upon a tree,
    And suffered death for all and thee.”
    To him he said, in solemn tones:
    “My body feel, ’tis flesh and bones.”
    Our souls cry out:
    “Bow ’neath his rod;
    Acclaim him Savior, Lord and God.”

    The Risen Jesus in America

    1. The lightning and the thunder ceased,
    And earth’s upheavals all were still.
    The darkness lifted as a cloud
    To show the temple shining on the hill.
    2. The people gathered quietly,
    And in the hush a clear voice said,
    “Behold my own beloved son.”
    And there was Jesus, risen who was dead.
    3. “Come unto me,” he said, “and know.”
    And then the people one by one,
    Each felt the nail prints, touched his side,
    And each one knew that he was God’s own son.
    4. The Savior, Jesus Christ, our Lord,
    On Calvary was crucified,
    He walked among them there and prayed,
    The Master, risen now, and glorified.