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Arch L. Madsen

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    Arch L. Madsen, President, Bonneville International Corporation: Bonneville International Corporation, which is wholly owned by the Church, operates radio or television stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, and Salt Lake City.

    Each of the stations operates under license from the Federal Communications Commission and is obligated to serve the community where it is located. This sometimes means that we apply different standards in different communities.

    Several times in the past we have deleted network programming which we felt would be offensive in the cities we serve. Because our television stations are network affiliates, our ability to exercise complete control over programming is limited.

    However, for our radio stations, we have more freedom in the selection of material. In order to help us maintain high quality in both lyrics and music, we employ a record selection service which screens all records before they are played on any of our stations.

    Bonneville International is mindful of the need for the highest quality in programming and is especially sensitive to the standards of the Church.