Our family had been looking forward to a scheduled Saturday outing for a long time. Two days before the outing, my husband and I realized that on that day it was leadership meeting. We explained to the children that we would have to postpone the outing because we had to attend the meeting. Our eldest was very perturbed and asked why we had to go to these meetings. Our five-year-old replied, “Because it’s Sunday all day Saturday.”

Sondra Smith
#3 Temple View
New Zealand

After the congregation had rather listlessly sung, “We Are All Enlisted,” the Sunday School president arose. With a twinkle in his eye, he said, “Brothers and sisters, we sang that like we were a bunch of draft dodgers.”

Roxanne R. Merrill
Staten Island, New York

In Sunday School recently we sat in front of two elders assigned to our ward. Their zeal for missionary work was manifest as they sang their modified version of a favorite hymn, “Come, come, ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear; But with joy MEND your WAYS.”

Mark A. Wilcox
Houston, Texas

One of our stake high councilors, who is also a judge, stood up in sacrament meeting to address the congregation. He began with, “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.” He stopped, corrected himself, and explained, “I once addressed a jury as ‘brothers and sisters,’ so I guess I’m even now.”

Lani Moore
Mission Viejo, California

My two small grandsons had done something that required punishment and I placed them on chairs to sit for five minutes. The three-year-old rocked back and forth, turned around and around, and wriggled constantly. When I told them they could go he was off like a shot, but the four-year-old continued to sit stone still, knees drawn up and hands clasped around them.

“You can go now,” I repeated.

“I want to sit five more minutes,” he said.

“Why?” I asked in surprise.

“So I won’t be naughty again.”

Joy Clarke
Manti, Utah

The first meeting after we began having sacrament meeting following Sunday School seemed very long. The second counselor stood to announce the closing hymn, “Let Us All Pass On.”

Sherrie Sieverts
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

During our elders quorum meeting, the teacher asked various elders what they had done to show love and appreciation for their wives during the past week. Several fairly good comments were made. Then there was a long silence. Finally the teacher asked, “Haven’t any of the rest of you done anything nice for your wife this past week?” There was a long guilty silence, which found many of the elders either looking at their shoes, the ceiling, or out the window. Then one middle-aged man in the back spoke up, “I bought her a new lawnmower.”

Elder Stan Bell
Kentucky Louisville Mission

We have made it a family project to learn some of the hymns we sing most often in Church. After a busy Sunday morning of scheduled meetings and a succulent dinner, I laid down on the couch for a short nap. I was suddenly awakened by the nudging of my two-year-old daughter, who was singing, “Wake up and do something more, wake up and do something more. …”

Boyd L. Cardon
Rexburg, Idaho