First Presidency Urges Frugality

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    A seven-point program to alleviate hunger and suffering has been sent out to the Saints by the First Presidency. The statement, addressed to “All Members of the Church,” was read in sacrament meeting services throughout the world.

    The statement read:

    “We urge members of the Church everywhere to contemplate the words of the Savior:

    “‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.’ (Matt. 25:40.)

    “There continues to be much hungering and suffering generally in the world. In the months ahead there could be more.

    “We therefore suggest that you be even more mindful of the needy in your area as well as throughout the world. Specifically we suggest that you and your family observe more diligently these teachings of the Church:

    “1. Fully observe the monthly Fast Day. Generally this means to abstain from food and drink for at least two meals and to contribute the cost of the food thus saved, or more, to the bishop or branch president for the benefit of the needy.

    “2. Maintain a year’s supply of food for your family. Use prudence and seek reliable information on what and how to store, and observe local laws and ordinances in storage procedures.

    “3. Conserve energy. We reaffirm our suggestion to Church members a year ago to join car-pools, observe prescribed speed limits, lower thermostats where feasible, and eliminate unnecessary consumption of electricity or fuel.

    “4. Do not waste food. While millions in the world hunger, other millions eat too much and otherwise waste food. Teach your children to use food frugally.

    “5. Strive for greater productivity in your employment. Give more than your employer requires. The Lord said to Adam, ‘By the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, until thou shalt return unto the ground’ (Moses 4:25) and the same applies to all of Adam’s descendants. It is a blessing that we are required to work, and we should do it willingly and without complaint.

    “6. Guard your health. Get adequate exercise and rest. Observe the Word of Wisdom. Eat wisely. Avoid excesses. Teach your children good health habits.

    “7. Strengthen your family. Observe daily family prayers and the weekly family home evening and make an effort to see that family members keep all the commandments.

    “These are times to remember, perhaps more than ever before, that inner strength, happiness, and peace come through keeping the commandments of Him who [is our Savior].”