New Information on Church Policies

The following items of general interest appeared in MESSAGES to stake and district presidents, bishops, and branch presidents.

Organization of High Priests. The following order of organization for the high priests group in each ward is directed in the new Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook, page 2: ‘A high priests group functions in each ward, presided over by a group leader and one or two assistants (as needed), with a secretary to assist.’

“The activities of the high priests are generally directed through groups rather than through the quorum. Group leadership should be established in such a way that they can ‘sit in council’ weekly, much the same as quorum presidencies.

“Group leaders should be instructed at least monthly by their quorum presidency (the stake presidency), and the entire quorum should meet periodically. (The Office of the Council of the Twelve.)”

Role of Melchizedek Priesthood MIA. Activities for women of the Church are to be provided by the Relief Society. Activities for men in the Church are to be provided by the Melchizedek Priesthood. The Melchizedek Priesthood MIA assists the Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society by promoting joint activities for single adult male and female members of the Church and sponsoring the athletic program for men, both married and single. (The Office of the Council of the Twelve.)”

Limiting Guests at Temple Wedding Ceremonies. Those couples planning to be married in the temples should be counseled that space in the sealing rooms is limited and that they should limit the number of guests invited to witness the ceremony. They should contact the temple in advance to determine the number that can be comfortably accommodated and then limit their invitations accordingly. Only family members and close personal friends should be invited.

“Temple marriages are sacred occasions and should not be planned as wedding receptions. Where large groups attend, it is difficult to maintain the order and reverence that should exist in the House of the Lord. (Temple Committee.)”

Special Sessions of Relief Society for Single Adult Women. Special sessions of Relief Society may be organized for single adult women. Where these sessions are organized, the bishop, in consultation with the Relief Society president, should call two single adult leaders—an education leader and a homemaking/ recreation leader. These two single adults are accountable to the ward Relief Society president through the education and homemaking counselors respectively, who serve as their advisers. The homemaking/ recreation leader will also serve as the Melchizedek Priesthood MIA ward representative for the single sisters and represent them on the appropriate stake Melchizedek Priesthood MIA council. Where there is no special Relief Society session for single adult women on an individual ward basis, the Melchizedek Priesthood MIA female ward representatives will be appointed and continue to function with the appropriate male ward representatives in planning all joint Melchizedek Priesthood MIA activities. Specific details are to be found in the forthcoming 1975 Relief Society Handbook. (Relief Society.)”

Publication error in conference issue corrected

Due to an error in arranging the type on page 73 of the November 1975 Ensign, President Marion G. Romney’s priesthood address was incorrectly printed in 144,000 copies of the magazine.

The problem occurs in the first column following the words (line 21) “gave when he said.” The next part of the talk should begin, “Behold, here are the waters of Mormon” (which appears in the second column, line 10, of some copies) and should continue through the words “are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies” (which appear in the third column, lines 17–18, in some copies). The talk should then continue in the printed sequence, with the section beginning “They become the sons of Moses” (which appears in the first column, line 22, in some copies) following “renewing of their bodies.”

Most copies—271,000—of the November issue do not contain this error. The Ensign staff is very sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this mistake may have caused our readers.

Church Opens London PR Office

The Church has appointed Dr. Lorry E. Rytting, veteran journalist and educator, to open an office of the Public Communications Department in London, England.

“I am anxious to inform the good people of the British Isles about the Church’s program to create individual self-respect, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, and strong family togetherness,” Dr. Rytting said.

Dr. Rytting graduated from Brigham Young University, received a master’s degree from the University of Utah, and earned his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin. He served several years ago as associate director of the Church Information Service, forerunner of today’s Public Communications Department.

Choir Plans Bicentennial Tour

The Tabernacle Choir will commemorate the American Bicentennial in a series of concerts in the eastern United States next summer, climaxing July 4, 1976, in Washington, D.C.

Oakley S. Evans, choir president, outlines the tour schedule as follows:

Philadelphia, Tuesday, June 29, evening concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Eugene Ormandy, in the new 20,000-seat Robin Hood Dell outdoor amphitheatre.

Boston, Wednesday, June 30, evening concert in the 5,000-seat Hynes Veteran Auditorium.

New York City, Thursday, July 1, evening concert in the 2,784-seat Carnegie Hall.

Washington, D.C., Friday, July 2, evening concert in the 18,000-seat Capitol Centre.

Saturday, July 3, the choir will participate in morning dedicatory services for the Washington Temple Visitors Center.

Sunday, July 4, the choir will participate in a morning devotional service in Capitol Centre, with President Spencer W. Kimball, and Elders Gordon B. Hinckley and L. Tom Perry, members of the Council of the Twelve, as speakers.

Sunday, 11:30 A.M.–noon (EDT), the choir will present their weekly television and radio broadcast, “Music and the Spoken Word,” from the Capitol Centre.

100 years of BYU

[photo] President and Sister Kimball joined the BYU Centennial procession in a 1906 Cadillac. President Kimball also spoke at the convocation and inaugurated the Centennial Carillon Tower by playing the last phrase of the hymn “Come, Come Ye Saints” on its bells. Festivities were Friday, September 10. (Photo by Paul C. Fletcher.)