Outside Myself

is thinning
my thick-skinned insulation.
I can hear
some rhythms now
that aren’t my own studied syncopation.
I can feel
some pulses now
from dreams
which are not mine.

Prayer for Those Without Faith

Dear God, help those
who have no faith beyond
the all-precarious now.
Lend thy sustaining strength
when grief exceeds endurance.
Endow the hopeless with belief:
Comfort their endless mourning.
Give courage, Lord,
to those whose woe
has no sure knowledge—
for theirs is the greatest need.


We are all too light.
The burden of our sins—
Defying Newton—
Makes our end rise
Upon those truthful scales.
We live with but one hope:
That grace and mercy,
Those unearned gifts,
Will tip the balance back to us
And counter the great weight
That justice owns.


Out of all proportion
To kind words you impart
Is the happiness transplant
You perform on my heart.