1976 All-Church Poetry Writing Contest Winners

By Jean S. Marshall

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    DUP Program, July 24, 1975, North Ward Chapel, Panguitch, Utah

    Second Place
    While those lined faces in their bonnets sang,
    outside, the blue Utah sky burned,
    and summer-green locust leaves glistened
    and quivered through the small glass squares
    of curved, white-framed windows,
    as if through tears.
    Then Dorothy Davis helped Mrs. Leslie
    settle the concertina on her knee.
    She worked “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!”
    out of the buttons and breathing pleats,
    and out of eighty-six years of stiffening bones
    and crinkling skin, and out of three widowhoods.
    Wet lines moved down her fragile cheeks,
    and when Dorothy took the concertina
    and put it on the table, Mrs. Leslie looked up
    and her hands stayed open in the air.