After a particularly long sacrament meeting, our ward members were slowly struggling out of the chapel, visiting with each other along the way. Suddenly the bishop of the ward that shares our building announced, “Brothers and sisters, we’d like to invite you to attend our sacrament meeting. Please take your seats and the meeting will begin momentarily.” The chapel emptied immediately!

Lynn Cook
Wilmington, Delaware

During a recent family home evening, my husband asked our children what Heavenly Father has given us to be thankful for. Two-year-old Nathan piped up quickly, “Me!”

Jean Larsen
Provo, Utah

A formerly inactive man, newly called to the stake presidency, commented at stake conference: “My wife used to pray that I’d become active in the Church. I asked her last night if she didn’t think this was going a little too far!”

Laurie W. Sowby
American Fork, Utah

Being a small, busy branch in the “wilds” of North Dakota, we called an investigator family to a couple of jobs to help us out. One day, when this brother was asked when he was going to be baptized, he replied, “On Tuesday there’s Relief Society, on Wednesday we go to Activity Night, on Thursday, Primary. Friday evening and all day Saturday my wife was in district meetings. We don’t have time to get baptized!”

James L. Hoag
Cavalier, North Dakota

Two of our five-year-old grandchildren, Greg and Jody, live nearby and often visit at the same time. There is generally keen competition over who gets to sit on our red kitchen stool at the dinner table. Being four months older. Greg usually gets on the stool first.

Recently when dinner was announced, there was the customary race to the table with Greg the victor. As Jody reluctantly took an adjoining adult chair, Greg generously and soothingly announced, “Jody, when I go on a mission, you can have the red stool.”

Lynn M. Hardy
Vernal, Utah

A young mother was explaining faith and the power of the priesthood to her five small children. “With enough faith,” she explained, “the power of the priesthood can even move mountains. Your daddy has that priesthood.”

“Does daddy have enough faith?” queried one little girl.

“Well.,I don’t know. When he gets home, why don’t you ask him.”

The daughter’s reply was the greatest lesson on faith of all: “Okay. And then maybe we can move some mountains for home evening.”

Narda Wilcox
Jackson, Wyoming