Church Policies and Announcements

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    The following items were published in Messages, number 6, August 20, 1976.

    Reverence and Small Children

    Each meetinghouse should have rooms or areas set aside for parents to calm their children if they are creating disturbances in a meeting. The most common areas for this purpose are foyers, Relief Society rooms, and children’s meeting rooms. The chapel sound system should be connected with at least one of these areas so that services can be heard. Such rooms or areas should not be used as playrooms; children should be brought back to the chapel as soon as possible. (The Office of the Council of the Twelve)

    Accredited USA High School Diplomas

    The Department of Home Study at Brigham Young University, in cooperation with a Utah County high school, is now able to help members of the Church living abroad who are citizens of the United States to finish their secondary education and earn an accredited USA high school diploma. This program is not intended to compete with existing high schools, but rather to assist Latter-day Saints who are not otherwise able to take advantage of local public schools. These might include adults who did not finish high school and children of mission presidents, military personnel, or others on international assignments. Details are available from the Department of Home Study, 211 HRCB, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602. (Church Educational System)