Church Policies and Announcements

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    The following items were published in Messages, number 9, October 29, 1976

    Improper Requests for Money

    Recently some returned missionaries have received improper requests for money, allegedly from people they knew in the mission field. In addition, some parents of missionaries are receiving requests for money from people who claim to be associated with their sons or daughters in the mission field.

    Whenever members of the Church receive unusual or questionable requests for money from anyone connected with missionary work, they should contact the Missionary Department. (The Office of the Council of the Twelve)

    Stake Conference Music

    Music for a stake conference general session should be limited to four selections. The congregation should sing the opening and intermediate hymns. Preference should be given to familiar hymns. A choir might sing the other two selections, at least one of which should be a Latter-day Saint hymn. Ward, Relief Society, youth, priesthood or combined choirs may be invited to participate. Children’s choirs can be especially effective in getting whole families involved in the conference session.

    The stake music chairman, under the direction of the stake presidency and the stake music adviser, should arrange for music well in advance of the conference.

    Prelude and postlude music should be rendered before and after the session. Hymns are appropriate for this purpose, and may be used in addition to other suitable repertoire. (The Office of the Council of the Twelve)