A little girl in our ward figured out for herself what is meant by “Junior Sunday School opening exercises.” Said she, “It’s where we go to exercise our mouths!”

Gladys Anderson
Fairview, Utah

The other day I described to my father a difficulty that a friend was having. Dad was quick to diagnose the problem. “That is the result of procrastination,” he said. “Someday I’m going to write a book about that. …”

David R. Clark
Provo, Utah

Two brethren were discussing an Ensign painting of a circle of covered wagons with their tongues pointed outward. One brother said, “I wonder how they got the pioneers to line up their wagons that way?”

The other brother replied, “It was easy—the captain just yelled, ‘Okay, everybody line up and stick out your tongues.’”

Dennis H. Pack
Brookings, South Dakota

I couldn’t understand six-year-old Scott’s reluctance to dive into the turkey dinner like the rest of the family. But I knew why a moment later when he asked, “Does this turkey still have its spirit in it?”

Ardith W. Walker
Provo, Utah

Early in December our kindergartener came into the kitchen. “Mommy,” he began importantly, “we have two boys in our class named after angels.”

“Oh?” I replied, mentally reviewing the names of the little boys in his class. “Who are they?”

“Well, there’s Moroni, and he’s after the Angel Moroni … and there’s Harold, after Harold Angel!”

Lutie Larsen
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Christmas was approaching and my Sunday School class of three-year-olds was learning about the Christmas story. They are very enthusiastic about answering questions, so the picture I presented of the shepherds was quickly identified.

“Now,” I challenged, “does anyone know who appeared to the shepherds? Who do you suppose they saw?”

“I know!” said one eager little fellow. “Sheep!”

Edythe Silveri
Charlottesville, Virginia

My oldest daughter was planning a move, with her husband, to Idaho. She was telling her neighbor that they would live in Idaho but would go to church three miles away in Utah. He remarked, “Oh ho, your husband is transporting your family across the state line for immortal purposes!”

Faye Vollmer
North Las Vegas, Nevada

At the start of one elders quorum lesson, the instructor asked the scattered elders to move to the center of the room so they could all see the blackboard. A blind elder sitting several chairs away felt his way down the row to the chair next to us, sat down, and said, “I still can’t see any better!”

Larry Hays and Kregg Bodily
Mesa, Arizona

While driving to town one day, I heard our boy giving a free guided tour of the neighborhood. “That’s Keller’s house,” he said, pointing excitedly. “That’s where Tommy lives. And that’s Anderson’s house. That’s where Bobby lives. And that’s the church,” he said, nearly bubbling over. “That’s where daddy lives. He’s the bishop!”

Ada Hadfield
Kaysville, Utah

Illustration by Dale Kilbourn