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July 1977

The Gospel Vision of the Arts Spencer W. Kimball
First of the Modern Temples Paul L. Anderson
Gert Fram Byron Walley
Day of the Strangers Lael J. Littke
Connie’s Tuesday Afton Day
Souvenir Don Marshall
Singing Hymns with New Power Clayne Robison
As the Shadows Fall Lowell M. Durham Jr. and Lowell M. Durham
Our Heaven Is Our Home Marilyn McMeen Miller Brown and Dennis L. Crockett
Our Savior’s Love Edward L. Hart and Crawford Gates
Poetry By Marylou Cunningham Leavitt
Poetry from Our Past By Reba Beebe Pratt
Family Art Orson Scott Card
Baskets and Dancing Blankets Richard G. Oman
“Virtuous, Lovely, or of Good Report”: How the Church Has Fostered the Arts Ronald W. Walker and D. Michael Quinn
News of the Church
The Alberta Temple