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Oct. 1977



Dorris Riter 

First Presidency Message

“It Becometh Every Man”
Spencer W. Kimball 
Status Report on Missionary Work: A Conversation with Elder Thomas S. Monson, Chairman of the Missionary Committee of the Council of the TwelveThomas S. Monson 
How to Help Fulfill Daniel’s ProphecyCarlos E. Asay 
Missionary Work Made EasyLane Johnson 
Bring Them to ChurchSpencer J. Condie 
Prayer: The Missionary Tool in Everyone’s HandsDean L. Larsen 
Being a Successful Member Missionary: A Conversation with Elder Franklin D. Richards of the Presidency of the First Quorum of the SeventyFranklin D. Richards 
Turning Fear into FaithRussell H. Bishop 
So They Don’t Join the Church …Afton J. Day 
A Classic Fellowshipping ConversionBritt A. Cummings 
How to TestifyStephen R. Covey 
Being an ExampleJohn T. Kesler 
The Daffodils Reminded MeDiana McFarland Brown 
When You Think You’ve Really Blown ItSterling G. Ellsworth 
How to Help Nonmembers in Your Own FamilyErnest Eberhard Jr. 
Helping Your Children Be MissionariesGeorge D. Durrant 
Respect for Other People’s BeliefsGerald E. Jones 
What Are Nonmembers Interested In?Lavina Fielding Anderson 
How Wards and Stakes Do It!Orson Scott Card 

Keeping Pace

Meetinghouse Library Materials: Check Them Out! Use Them in Your Family!

News of the Church

President Kimball Says Work for Dead as Urgent as Proselyting

News of the Church

Stakes in Every U.S. State

News of the Church

Changes in the Church Educational System

News of the Church

President Marion G. Romney Turns Eighty

News of the Church

LDS Scene

News of the Church

Church Policies and Announcements
The Washington D.C. TempleKathy England