Teaching and Leadership in the Home

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    Probably the thing that concerns most parents most is the fear of just “drifting” as a family—the problem of only reacting to circumstances and living life as it comes instead of being on top of things and moving in a positive direction.

    It wouldn’t be so much of a concern, except that as parents we’re dealing with specific persons, your children and my children, real people on an eternal journey. Being a good parent matters.

    Being a good father; being a good mother; having a family life that is alive and stimulating and conducive to personal growth within gospel standards—these are the kinds of concerns focused on by the articles that follow. One tells of a father who found that things really began to click in his family when he started to have monthly interviews with each of his children.

    Then there are some possible solutions to the problem of making the most of limited time: how a lot of teaching and learning began to happen in one family when the TV broke down; how a mother created a dynamic atmosphere of growth in her home by planning “special time” for each child daily; how reading the scriptures together became contagious in another home; how one family’s “magic minute microlessons” taught principles in a small way but produced big results in family learning and aliveness; how a special three-part family home evening plan solved the problem of keeping all age groups involved and interested.

    And then there are some very helpful suggestions on what can be done when children misbehave.

    What’s to be drawn from these ideas? A lot of little things that can really add up to something important for you and your family!