Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers

Now your young children can read their very own Book of Mormon—and, at $1.50 their book will cost little more than your paperback copy. This new reader, also ideal for the mentally handicapped, has 111 pages of full-color illustrations—five or six per page. Each illustration is accompanied by a short, easy-to-read text.

Chapter one tells about the First Vision, Moroni’s visit, and Joseph Smith’s translation of the gold plates. Chapter two gives a brief synopsis of the Book of Mormon. Chapters three through twenty-four vividly tell favorite stories from the Book of Mormon: Lehi’s journey, Enos’s experience with prayer, Abinadi before King Noah, missionary successes of Alma and the sons of Mosiah, Helaman and his 2,000 warriors, the Savior’s visit in America, the history of the Jaredites, the sorrows of Mormon and Moroni, and many others. Chapter twenty-five then explains the promise of the Book of Mormon. Also included are a simple illustrated glossary, an index of people and places, and easy-to-understand maps and time charts.

Two cassette tapes of the text, narrated by Brother Francis Urry, are available for those who wish to hear the words as they follow along in their own books. A beep indicates to the reader when to go from one picture to another. Two beeps indicate when to turn the page.

Teaching the scriptures to children has never been easier—or less expensive. Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers encourages scripture study early in childhood and makes the stories come alive.

Both the reader (stock no. PBIC0325, $1.50) and the tapes (stock no. PCBL0078, $2.25) can be ordered from Church distribution centers.

Faith in God Award

Cub Scouts may now earn an award similar to the On My Honor award given to Latter-day Saint Scouts. The purpose of the Faith in God award is to encourage boys to participate in spiritual, service-oriented, and character-building experiences. Nonmember Cubs may earn the award with their parents’ permission. The Faith in God emblem, depicting a Cub Scout and his parents in front of the Salt Lake Temple, is presented to the recipient during pack meeting by a member of the bishopric.

The award application card (stock no. PXPR1044, 10¢ each) and the emblem (stock no. PXPR1055, $5.00 each) are available through the Salt Lake City Distribution Center.

To Order Items from Church Distribution Centers

Frequently in “Keeping Pace” and within the text of articles, reference is made to items which can be ordered from Church distribution centers. The ordering procedure is really very simple. Just give your order to the individual in your ward or branch who coordinates requests for materials and supplies made by priesthood leaders, auxiliary organizations, and individual members. (This person is usually one of the ward clerks.) He has a Publications Catalog which lists current stock numbers, prices, and item descriptions.

If for some reason, however, you are unable to submit your order through a unit representative and you don’t have an official order form, simply write a check for the exact amount of purchase and include a description of the desired items and the stock numbers. (If you don’t know the stock number, consult the catalog in your ward meetinghouse library.) Send your order to the distribution center nearest you. (See addresses below.) The distribution center will pay postage. Allow about two weeks for delivery. (Over-the-counter purchases at the Salt Lake Distribution Center continue to be welcomed as in the past.)

1. Salt Lake City Distribution Center
1999 West 1700 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Make check payable to “Corporation of the President”

2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Distribution Center
18 Hammond Avenue
Whitehill Industrial Estate
Stockport, SK4 1PQ, England

Make check payable to “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Distribution Company)”

3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Distribution Center
C.P.O. Box # 4379
Auckland 1, New Zealand

Make check payable to “Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”

4. LDS servicemen in Europe should write the Frankfurt office:
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage
Porthstrasse 5–7
D-6000 Frankfurt am Main 50
Postfach 50 1070
West Germany

Make check payable to “Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage”

5. A limited supply of materials printed in English is often stocked at non-English distribution centers. English-speaking members of the Church living in non-English areas might want to try local distribution centers before writing Salt Lake City.