Do you ever desire
those glittery things,
for golden rings
to circle
all your
spheres of life,
to make secure
against all strife?
Security circlings
can’t be made
from any metal
or cache
of cash.
A safe and shining
comfort arc
is made
of raw experience
by a wisdom
into resource
for recourse.


When I talk with you
and listen full strength
I feel the rip, the
strain of warmth going
out, an inner voice
shouting the love I
feel for you;
and then I rest,
drained, to feel
the even pain
of giving self:
How Jesus
knew the virtue
left, with
touch of hem,
I long to feel again.

Act II

Theatrical dialogue
From the playwright’s
Page portrays
Stirring drama
On stage.
Yet, a more moving
Considering the
Occurs in true-life
Living of the


Thus, can we Afford to do Less than our best In the performance Of our earthly Test, however Challenging Our role may be, In life’s Dress rehearsal For eternity?

Winter Day and Night

It’s been snow since
early morning,
both the easily seen
and the hardly there kinds,
swelling the air except where
in the heat of dark ground
it is not to be found;
not even your hand,
can contain it:
that virtue
is so fine a thing,
all the night
and all the night
I marveled at the fragile white of it.