Our four-year-olds were giving an informal class presentation in Junior Sunday School dramatizing the miracle of Lazarus being raised from the dead. Gary, who was to play Lazarus, was asked to bring a white linen handkerchief as one of the props.

On the big day, as we reached the scene where Lazarus’ body was being prepared for the tomb, I suddenly realized that we did not have the white linen cloth to cover his face. In panic, I whispered to Gary, “We forgot the white handkerchief!” Although his body lay still on the floor, “Lazarus,” eyes still tightly closed slowly raised himself into a sitting position, handed me a handkerchief from his back pocket, then calmly and with solemn dignity lowered himself to the floor again.

Rosella Smalling
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I realized that I was paying far too much attention to the refreshments for family home evening when I was making a special cake one Thursday afternoon. Our four-year-old son came into the kitchen and happily exclaimed “Oh, boy! Tonight must be family home eating!”

Mrs. Harold R. Hastings
Blackfoot, Idaho

Our granddaughter faithfully pays tithing on her allowance, proudly giving the bishop the envelope. Returning home one Sunday she told her grandfather that she had included a picture for the bishop with the message, “I love you.” Knowing that a counselor and the finance clerk usually open the offering envelopes, my husband gently said, “That was sweet of you, but the bishop may not be the one to open the envelope.” After giving due consideration to this news, she perked up and said “It’s all right. I don’t mind if the picture goes to heaven.”

Audrey L. Sawyer
Sylmar, California

The diversity of cultures in California and the continuing need for missionary work really hit me one day as I was purchasing some burlap for a Church project at a yardage store that gives a discount for churches. As the salesgirl wrote out my receipt, she asked “What church is this for?” Somewhat in a hurry, I glibly responded “LDS Church, Third Ward.” Imagine my surprise when she carefully wrote down “El Dias Church, Third Ward.”

Marlyn Ann B. Peterson
Santa Rosa, California

My husband, a stake Seventies president, recently decided that he should try the straightforward missionary approach of Elder Paul H. Dunn of the Presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy. At a businessmen’s luncheon, he carefully selected a likely prospect and opened the conversation with, “Pardon me, but are you a Mormon bishop?”

“No,” said the man, “but would you settle for a Sunday School president?”

Jan M. Nerenberg
Astoria, Oregon

I work in a doctor’s office. On initial visits to the office we have patients complete a form that will provide us with their medical history. The bottom line on the form has three blanks for the nurses to complete: Ht. _____, Wt. _____, Bp. _____ [height, weight, blood pressure]

Recently, a sweet sister completed the entire form including: Ht. 5′4″, Wt. 130 lbs., Bp. Cameron (her bishop).

Ruby Riggs
Provo, Utah

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney