No More Birthday Pennies

Birthday songs are still being sung and birthday children continue to be recognized. But collecting birthday pennies to assist in the health care of children is no longer a part of Primary.

For years, the pennies went to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. More recently they were used to assist sick children in the ward or stake where they were collected—or sent to the Presiding Bishopric’s office, if not needed locally, to be used worldwide.

The present Primary curriculum provides many opportunities for children to practice the important principle of caring and sharing. “Additional opportunities could be provided for children to experience acts of service to others,” says Naomi M. Shumway, general president of the Primary. “All service projects must be approved and conducted under the direction of the local priesthood leaders.”

BYU Periodicals

Brigham Young University publishes three periodicals that may be of interest to many Church members, providing new insights into recent research and a new look at important topics. The periodicals are:

Speeches of the Year, available each April for $4.95, contains about twenty-five devotional and fireside speeches delivered the previous year on the BYU campus by General Authorities, general Relief Society President Barbara Smith, and BYU President Dallin Oaks.

BYU Studies, $8.00 per year, is a quarterly journal containing articles from all fields of learning—from poetry to science, from fiction to theology. Papers dealing with Church history often appear. Articles are generally scholarly in nature, but are written for “informed nonspecialists.”

Family Perspective, $7.00 per year, is a social science quarterly which includes articles and reports of research on many aspects of marriage and the family. Also scholarly in nature, it is intended “to disseminate information that may be used by teachers and family life educators as well as by concerned laymen.” Authors are both LDS and non-LDS.

(For subscriptions for the above three publications, write BYU Press, Business Office, 205 UPB, Provo, Utah 84602.)

More from Elizabeth

Scripts and scores for the musical production Because of Elizabeth are available for wards and stakes wishing to produce the play locally.

Written by Moana B. Bennett, with music by Larry Bastian and Nonie Sorensen, and lyrics by Duane Hiatt and Nonie Sorensen, the play was originally produced at the dedication of the Monument to Women in Nauvoo during the summer of 1978.

Available are the script, musical scores (for piano/vocal, small ensemble, or orchestra), tapes (of the Nauvoo production, orchestra accompaniment only, or sound effects only), and production notes (explaining adaptations of the script for reader’s theatre, indoor staged production, full-scale pageant, or brief narration accompanied by music).

For price lists and materials, write Promised Valley Playhouse, 132 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

Try a Flannel Board

Twenty-nine stories from the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, and Church history come alive with the new Flannel Board Story Kit available at Church distribution centers (stock no. PXLI0112, $62.00).

The figures and stories will be familiar to readers of the old Instructor magazine—they were selected from the stories written by Marie Fox Felt and printed in the Instructor from 1959 to 1970 The figures have been enlarged (some as tall as seventeen inches) so they can be seen more easily when used in large classes, and the colors have been intensified. And all figures are precut and backed with velour. Story scripts, along with instructions on the placement of the figures, are printed on the packets. The mailing box serves nicely as a storage kit. Every figure has an assigned code number so it won’t get lost among all the other figures.

Besides the characters accompanying the twenty-nine stories, the set also includes 119 additional figures, including such things as houses, animals, parents, children, trees—a total of 367 figures. These additional figures greatly broaden the uses of the flannel board kit beyond the telling of twenty-nine stories. Carefully selected by members of the Church Music Department and the general boards of the Sunday School, Relief Society, and Primary, the figures are excellent visual aids for teaching songs to children and for use in Church nurseries and classes of all age groups.

Also included are instructions on how to construct a flannel board and how to tell stories to children. Flannel Board Story Kit is a valuable addition to ward meetinghouse and home libraries.