Celestial Vows

It is beyond far more
Than the lush green of earth
Or death’s solitary shadow
Or this soon deficient world
That we go now unto the Lord of Hosts
To make of two
A bond of one.
And so we enter
This sanctum white and holy;
A room where silvered glass
Gleams on either side
Of where we come to kneel.
We look up to see ourselves
Forever moving one image after another
Along that splendid curve of time into perfection.
We know that where we see
Our likeness vanish
From our mortal sight,
We yet may be
A timeless pulse.
Begetters of life’s finest form;
Creators of the Will incarnate.
We rise on our dreaming
Hearts or seem to rise,
Up beyond this regal room
Feeling the pure joy
That God himself must have felt
When in the mirrors of endless
Moons he stood gazing
At the everlasting image of himself
In man. Gazing with one
So lovely in white,
So soon from heaven come.
It is time now. “Here, take my hand in yours,
And let us merry be and here agree to remain
True for all eternity.” They must be smiling
Now upon us. “Yes, see Them there
In the quickened glass!”
We listen into our own deep
Self-reflections and hear a voice
Touch us out on the eternal crossroads
Of our love saying, as only God
Himself could say,
“It is good.”

I Sought Thee, Adonai

I sought thee, Adonai, and I found thee.
I sought thee among the firs and the alders,
among the stars of clear skies.
I found thee not there.
I sought thee on hilltops,
I sought thee in clear streams,
in the gold and red of trout,
and I found thee not there.
But in the clouded and starless night
when I sought thee with tears,
when I knelt in ashes,
I found thee; thy finger touched me.
And now, among the firs and the alders,
among stars and on hilltops,
in clear streams,
and in the gold and red of trout,
I find thee, Adonai,
I find thee.