Our Family

What is a gospel-centered home? What can we do individually and as a family to make Sunday a special day? What kinds of meaningful and enjoyable activities are appropriate for family home evening?

These questions and others are answered for individuals and families in a new pamphlet, Our Family: A Practical Guide for Building a Gospel-Centered Home. Prepared for distribution to every member, the pamphlet gives practical suggestions about how to use extra Sunday hours to draw closer to the Lord and to each other. It also discusses basic gospel responsibilities of parents and Church members.

For example, there are suggestions for having family gospel discussions—formal and informal; creating an uplifting spirit in the home through music, art, and special family traditions; holding family councils regularly to “discuss family problems, work out finances, make plans, support and strengthen each other, and pray for one another and the family unit.” There are guidelines for holding parent/child interviews; teaching children about tithes and offerings, chastity, and service; fulfilling genealogical and missionary responsibilities; and being temporally prepared.

An especially helpful section, “Resources to Help Your Family,” lists Church-produced materials to aid individuals and families in studying and teaching the gospel.

Extra copies of Our Family (stock no. PBIC0405; no charge) are available from Church distribution centers.

Songs and Hymns for Latter-Day Saints

You would like to improve the singing during family home evening, but no one in your family plays the piano? You would like to be able to listen to favorite songs and hymns during the day to enhance the atmosphere in your home and to help keep the children happy?

Here’s an easy, inexpensive solution.

Songs and Hymns for Latter-day Saints is a set of seven cassettes (or seven 33 1/3 rpm long-playing records) of thirty favorite LDS hymns and thirty of the best children’s songs taught in Primary—that’s sixty hymns and songs in all.

The music, recorded by a small group of mixed voices, is reverent, yet stirring. On one side of each cassette or record, the hymns and songs are sung in unison with simple piano accompaniment. On the opposite side, the same hymns and songs are recorded with the piano accompaniment only. Families can choose whether to sing along with the group or to do all the singing themselves. Included with the cassettes and records is a booklet with the words to the music printed in large type. Some of the hymns and songs are recorded at a slower tempo than normal to facilitate learning.

Among the thirty hymns are such favorites as “Come, Come, Ye Saints,” “Come, Follow Me,” “I Know That My Redeemer Lives,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” “I Stand All Amazed,” “Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning,” “O My Father,” “The Lord Is My Shepherd,” “The Spirit of God,” “There Is Beauty All Around,” and “Abide With Me!” The collection of thirty children’s songs includes, among others, “The Articles of Faith,” “I Am a Child of God,” “I Know My Father Lives,” “Kindness Begins with Me,” “My Heavenly Father Loves Me,” “The Light Divine,” and “The Priesthood Is Restored.”

Packaged in sturdy storage boxes, the cassettes and records would make a lasting contribution to the spirit of any home. They are ideal gifts, too.

Songs and Hymns for Latter-day Saints can be ordered from Church distribution centers: cassettes and booklet, stock no. PCSI015A, are only $7.25; records and booklet, stock no. PCSI0149, are also $7.25—that’s only one dollar per tape or record. Extra booklets, stock no. PCSI0160, are available for 25¢.

[photo] Photography by Eldon K. Linschoten