A Sacrament Hymn

Our faces may conceal our pain,
We greet each other cheerfully,
But well we know why we are here:
For thee to heal our hearts again,
For thee to calm our fear.
The world we live in is not pure,
But this has never done us harm:
We are not fouled by what we’ve seen.
Our own acts are what need a cure,
Our own thoughts what we’d clean.
And now with outward acts we show
The emptiness we feel inside,
For, showing need, our cleansing starts.
And filled with signs of love, we know
Thy comfort for our hearts.

Sacramental Sonnet

How, Lord, how
Can I be other
Than I am now?
Am I my am,
My was, another
I will be when?
Bright aspire
Or dark desire?
To me impart
As is required
A clean heart
Heartily desired.
In thy/my will
Let me be … still.

Sacrament Thoughts

This sacrament serves to remind
Of pledges yet to be refined
That I might be more pleased with me,
An obedient, worthy child to Thee.
Kind Father, since last Sabbath day
I have tread the narrow way.
Give me strength, I earnestly pray,
To take a few more steps today.

[photo] Photography by Marilyn E. Péo