A Suitable Place

I have need to climb a lofty hill
And in the desert kneel
To call upon my Lord on fervent prayer,
That I may feel his touch,
Perchance may see his face,
And beg of him the fullness of his light
By which the truth of life is known,
That I may walk a path devoid of error.
Yet, the days continue sliding by,
And I have not been up into the hills;
And life continues in a murky world,
And I must pray wherever I may be
For help with all the little daily pains,
For strength to fight the little sins
That bar me from my Savior’s touch,
That blind me to his kindly face.

From One about to Be Baptized

I’ll still need you
After I’m baptized—
Don’t forget.
My new-forged testimony
Isn’t strong enough
To stand alone
Just yet.
I can’t perceive
In one day, or year,
The entire gospel plan;
You’ve had a lifetime
To learn it,
And still don’t
Completely understand.


Innocent at
Infant birth—
Such was I when
First on earth.
Time and tears,
Then bended knees,
Fervently I
Searched for Thee.
A font, a prayer,
A gift from heaven,
And I another
Birth am given.


Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh
You’ve bonded me in gold to generations.
Through the glass I hear your infant cry
And I recall another natal breath
That caught my heart
Her wondrous eyes, her need of me.
Now to your home
(Offspring of Celestial Sealings)
You come, and when you cry
We both will run, your Mother and I.
And as she gives you of herself
Her eyes transcribe upon my soul
Those Mother truths
That only Mothers know—
Things that I could never quite express
(But must be taught)—
And so I am at peace
Now that I see eternal lives of caring
That will bless you
And so bless me!
For this is written in your Mother’s eyes
A testament of shy and tender looks
That speak so clearly
What never need be said,
That sing!
So … this is how it was.

“And They Shall Love You”

Baptistry, London Temple, Lingfield, Surrey
Twice into the bowels of the font,
Broadly smiling, strong,
He bows me back
(I bend my knees),
Immersing me for Margaret and Johanna.
His beaming smile spreads:
“Did you feel them?”
“Maybe someday,” I apologize.
“They were here,”
His eyes are so alive.
“I suppose you often feel that way,
Don’t you?”
“Oh, no. Not often. Sometimes when the Spirit testifies.”
I bless his glowing face.
“Today your aunts were here.”
Defined there in the water’s warm embrace,
I radiate his smile. I mount and rise.