Winners of the 1982 Writing Contests

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    Winners of the 1982 Ensign Writing Contest:

    Article Division: First prize ($150), Marvelee Soon Tahauri, Hauula, Hawaii, for “Dissolving Language Barriers in Hauula” (see page 55); second prize ($100), Dora D. Flack, Bountiful, Utah, for “Communication Turnaround”; third prize ($75), Elaine Reiser Alder, Logan, Utah, for “The Gift.” Honorable mention: Ann Sommerville, Murray, Utah, for “And the Lamanite Shall Blossom as a Rose”; Brent W. Orr, Houston, Texas, for “Homecoming.”

    Short Story Division: First prize ($150), Lisa Johnson Boswell, Arcadia, California, for “The Times for Whitney” (see page 58); second prize ($100), Vernon H. Jensen, Jr., Roseburg, Oregon, for “Grandfather’s Poem”; third prize ($75), Myrna Marler, Laie, Hawaii, for “The Survivors.” Honorable mention: Jennifer Dix, New Canaan, Connecticut, for “The Harvest.”

    Poetry Division: First prize ($75), Nadine F. Neat, Newburg, Oregon, for “Equally Yoked”; second prize ($50), Clara Laster, Tulsa, Oklahoma, for “Khirbet Qumran”; third prize ($40), Bruce Martin Stringham, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “I Saw You Yesterday.” Honorable mention: Susan E. Markham, San Antonio, Texas, for “Children of the Kingdom”; Muriel Jenkins Heal, Provo, Utah, for “The Gift of Joseph.” Winning entries appear on page 68.

    Winners of the 1982 Joel Hills Johnson Music Contest:

    Song Division: First prize ($150), Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “We Follow the Prophet” (see page 67); second prize ($100), Dan Carter and Susan Evans McCloud, both of Provo, Utah, for “Mary’s Lament”; third prize ($75), Marylou Cunningham Leavitt, Marybeth Jones, and Brent Jones, all of Rexburg, Idaho, for “Little Child.” Honorable mention: Therel A. Frei, Idaho Falls, Idaho, for “As I Kneel to Thee”; Verena Hatch, Provo, Utah, for “Do It Now.”

    Hymn Division: First prize ($150), Roy A. Bodtcher, Provo, Utah, for “To Christ Give We Praise” (see page 66); second prize ($100), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, and Lee T. Perry, West Lafayette, Indiana, for “As Now We Take the Sacrament; third prize ($75), Harry A. Dean, Ephraim, Utah, for “The Prophet’s Vision.” Honorable mention: Verena Hatch, Provo, Utah, for “In Thy Holy House, O Lord”; Carolee Curtis Green, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “The Shepherds Watching through the Night.”

    Anthem Division: First prize ($150), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, for “Awake My Soul”; second prize ($100), Janice Kapp Perry and Val C. Wilcox, both of Provo, Utah, for “God Lives, We Are His Children”; third prize ($75), Harry A. Dean, Ephraim, Utah, for “Dedicatory Anthem.” Honorable mention: Jeffrey L. Novak, Oxon, Maryland, for “Peace Be unto All Nations.”

    Winners of the Relief Society’s 1982 Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest for Women:

    First prize ($75), Melinda A. Roth, Idaho Falls, Idaho, for “New Pioneer”; second prize ($50), Kathryn R. Ashworth, Provo, Utah, for “Jochebed and the Nile”; third prize ($40), Shirley Adwena Harvey, Barre, Vermont, for “To Mary—Who Sat at Jesus’ Feet.” Winning entries appear on page 69.

    Marvelee Soon Tahauri; Lisa Johnson Boswell; Nadine F. Neat; Janice Kapp Perry; Roy A. Bodtcher; Dan Carter; Melinda A. Roth