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May 1982

Report of the 152nd Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Saturday Morning Session April 3, 1982

Remember the Mission of the Church
Spencer W. Kimball
The Resurrection of Jesus Marion G. Romney
“This Is No Harm” Marvin J. Ashton
Beginning Again Hugh W. Pinnock
“We Believe in Being Honest” Mark E. Petersen

Saturday Afternoon Session April 3, 1982

Church Audit Committee Report
Presented by Wilford G. Edling
Statistical Report 1981 Presented by Francis M. Gibbons
True Greatness Howard W. Hunter
A Lasting Marriage Robert L. Simpson
Pondering Strengthens the Spiritual Life Joseph B. Wirthlin
Spiritual Guides for Teachers of Righteousness Gene R. Cook
God’s Love for Us Transcends Our Transgressions Ronald E. Poelman
What the Gospel Teaches LeGrand Richards

Priesthood Session April 3, 1982

The Doctrine of the Priesthood
Bruce R. McConkie
Priesthood Activation Victor L. Brown
“A Brother Offended” Neal A. Maxwell
Tithing: An Opportunity to Prove Our Faithfulness Gordon B. Hinckley
Priesthood Marion G. Romney

Sunday Morning Session April 14, 1982

Five Million Members—A Milestone and Not a Summit
Gordon B. Hinckley
Integrity, the Mother of Many Virtues James E. Faust
The Power of Family Prayer John H. Groberg
Let Us Go Up to the House of God L. Tom Perry
Sailing Safely the Seas of Life Thomas S. Monson

Sunday Afternoon Session April 4, 1982

Sustaining of Church Officers
Gordon B. Hinckley
Valiant in the Testimony of Jesus Ezra Taft Benson
The First and the Last Words A. Theodore Tuttle
The Future History of the Church G. Homer Durham
Love Is the Power That Will Cure the Family F. Enzio Busche
What Temples Are For W. Grant Bangerter
Jesus Is Our Savior David B. Haight
Let Us Improve Ourselves N. Eldon Tanner
The Lord Is at the Helm Spencer W. Kimball

General Welfare Session April 3, 1982

The Value of Work
J. Richard Clarke

Welfare Session April 3, 1982

“Her Children Arise Up, and Call Her Blessed”
Barbara B. Smith

Welfare Session April 3, 1982

Employment Challenges in the 1980s
J. Thomas Fyans

Welfare Session April 3, 1982

The Gospel—The Foundation for Our Career
Boyd K. Packer

Welfare Session April 3, 1982

Work and Welfare: A Historical Perspective
Marion G. Romney
General Conference Music

General Women’s Meeting

An Invitation to Grow
Dwan J. Young

General Women’s Meeting

Reach for Joy
Elaine Cannon

General Women’s Meeting

Hearts So Similar
Barbara B. Smith

General Women’s Meeting

“Even As I Am”
Mark E. Petersen
News of the Church By JoAnn Jolley