Volume 12 Number 6

[illustration] On the cover: Painting by Dan Baxter, 34″ by 22″, oil on canvas, 1982. See page 24 for a special group of articles on family organizations.

[illustration] Inside front cover: Painting by Frederick Schafer, 14″ by 22″, oil on canvas. Located in the Church Historical Department.

This landscape by Frederick Schafer shows the Salt Lake Valley around 1888, with the Tabernacle and partially completed Salt Lake Temple in the right foreground.

[illustration] Inside back cover: Crossing the Platte, by Harold Hopkinson, 24″ by 48″, oil on canvas, 1984.

Led by Brigham Young, the original company of pioneers reached the present-day site of Casper, Wyoming, in June of 1847. After considerable difficulty, they successfully crossed the river using rafts.

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Special Features


First Presidency Message: Constancy amid Change President N. Eldon Tanner


Christ and the Creation Elder Bruce R. McConkie


How Beautiful to Live in These Times and Be Prepared! Elder F. Enzio Busche


Moroni’s Promise Carolyn Manning Brink


Family Organizations: For the Fun of It! The Roundup Reunion Lucille C Skanchy Remembering Christopher Layton: A Report from an Ancestral Family Organization Noel R. Barton When Your Family Isn’t LDS Harvey C. Greenhalgh, Jr. Hold Fast the Heritage Lillian S. Hinton


The Branch at Scotia Place Rubina Rivers Forester


A Song of the Heart Connee Garrett


How the Bible Came to Be: Part 5, Glimmers of Light in Darkness Lenet H. Read


Using the New Bible Dictionary in the LDS Edition Robert J. Matthews


The Receiving End of Giving Walter L. Maughan


Breaking Up without Going to Pieces: When Dating Doesn’t End in Marriage M. Gawain Wells


Helping Children Help Colleen Whitley


Now That I’m a Grandmother … Mildred Barther


A Sense of Perspective Carol B. Olsen


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I Have a Question Arthur R. Bassett Eric Jay Olson


Poetry Joseph Pam Bookstaber Carthage Donnell Hunter Threshold Katrina Mahoney


Mormon Journal “Set the Table, God Will Provide” Dorothy F. Haskins More Than a Garden Caren Beal Reunion with Gladys Shirlye Stewart




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