Art and Photography Contest Winners

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    [illustration] First prize, painting division—Sixteenth of February, by P. Lawrence Wright

    [photo] First Prize, photography division—Other Sheep, by Daniel B. Johnson

    [illustration] First prize, drawing division—My Dad, by Janet McCandless

    [illustration] Second prize, painting division—Moses Sent by the Lord, by Ronald L. Bergen

    [photo] Second prize, photography division—Sunset, by Jay P. Morgan

    [illustration] Second prize, drawing division—House at 5th East and I–80, by Frank McIntire

    [illustration] Third prize, painting division—They Twain Shall Be One Flesh, by Claire Burton Lambson

    [photo] Third prize, photography division—Derek, by Jay P. Morgan

    [illustration] Third prize, drawing division—Joseph Smith’s Home—circa 1860, by Gordon Barton