Winners of the 1983 Writing, Music, and Art Contests

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    Winners of the 1983 Ensign Writing Contest:

    Article Division: First prize ($200), Elaine Reiser Alder, Logan, Utah, for “Everyday Caring” (see page 52); second prize ($150), Jeannie Takahashi, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, for “The ‘Witch-Lady’”; third prize ($100), Kathleen J. Hanna, Raymond, Washington, for “Integrating Elderly Relatives.”

    Short Story Division: First prize ($200), Sandra Bouley, Mesa, Arizona, for “The Magic Strawberry Patch” (see page 56); second prize ($150), Alma J. Yates, Snowflake, Arizona, for “Man on a High Place”; third prize ($100), Jaclyn T. Milne, Washington, Utah, for “The Best Years.”

    Poetry Division: First prize ($75), Virginia Maughan Kammeyer, Lynwood, Washington, for “Harvest”; second prize ($60), Elizabeth Clark, Provo, Utah, for “Re-Born”; third prize ($50), Mary Lyman Henrie, Delta, Utah, for “To Any Who Have Watched for a Son’s Returning.” Honorable mention: Jolayne Call, Tucson, Arizona, for “Lazarus Laughed.” Winning entries appear on pages 62–63.

    Winners of the 1983 Ensign Art Contest

    Painting Division: First prize ($300), P. Lawrence Wright, Stockton, California, for “Sixteenth of February”; second prize ($250), Ronald L. Bergen, Tempe, Arizona, for Moses Sent by the Lord”; third prize ($200), Claire Burton Lambson, St. Johns, Arizona, for “They Twain Shall Be One Flesh.” Winning entries appear on pages 64–66.

    Drawing Division: First prize ($200), Janet McCandless, Sandy, Utah, for “My Dad”; second prize ($150), Frank McEntire, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “House at 5th East and I-80”; third prize ($75), Gordon Barton, Mesa, Arizona, for Joseph Smith’s Home—circa 1860. Winning entries appear on pages 64–66.

    Photography Division: First prize ($200), Daniel B. Johnson, Heber City, Utah, for “Other Sheep”; second prize ($150), Jay P. Morgan, Glendale, California, for “Sunset”; third prize ($75), Jay P. Morgan, Glendale, California, for “Derek.” Winning entries appear on pages 64–66.

    Winners of the Relief Society’s 1983 Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest for Women:

    First prize ($75), Margary B. Broadbent, Tucson, Arizona, for “Having Risen”; second prize ($60), Molly S. Miller, Boulder City, Nevada, for “The Dream of Love”; third prize ($50), Ora P. Stewart, Provo, Utah, for “A Braided Rug to Grace an Earthen Floor.” The first prize entry appears on page 63.

    Winners of the 1983 Joel Hills Johnson Music Contest:

    Children’s Song Division: First prize ($200), Laurence Lyon and Lloyd T. Hanson, both of Monmouth, Oregon, for “When I Hear My Father Pray” (see page 61); second prize ($150), Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “My Blessings”; third prize ($100), Karen Null Coates, Phoenix, Arizona, for “What Can I Do?” Honorable mention: Rebecca Smith Adams, Deerfield, Illinois, for “I Like to Sing My Love.”

    Song Division: First prize ($200), Dan Carter and Rick Walton, both of Provo, Utah, for “The Glories of This Life”; second prize ($150), CoraDean Camery, South Houston, Texas, and Mary E. Morrow, Pasadena, Texas, for “The Greatest Gift”; third prize ($100), Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “The Things of Eternity.” Honorable mention: Stephen Jones, Murray, Utah, for “Come and Be Baptized”; Miriam Smith and James B. Welch, both of Santa Barbara, California, for “Sleep, Baby, and Smile.”

    Hymn Division: First prize ($200), Lynn Carson and Paul L. Anderson, both of Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Sabbath Day” (see page 55); second prize ($150), Royden E. Britsch and Christine J. Britsch, both of Ogden, Utah, for “Jesus, Savior of Our Souls”; third prize ($100), Roger Hoffman and Terry Lindsay, both of Provo, Utah, for “Gethsemane and Calvary.” Honorable mention: Grietje Rowley, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Be Thou Humble.”

    Anthem Division: First prize ($200), Sue Neimoyer, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Oh Blessed Babe, Oh Holy Child”; second prize ($150), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, for “The Bread of Life”; third prize ($100), Laurence M. Yorgason, Ogden, Utah, for “Psalm of Israel.” Honorable mention: Carolee C. Green, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “The Shepherds Watching through the Night.”

    Elaine Reiser Alder; Sandra Bouley; Virginia Maughan Kammeyer; P. Lawrence Wright; Janet McCandless; Daniel B. Johnson; Magary B. Broadbent; Laurence Lyon, left, and Lloyd T. Hanson; Dan Carter, left, and Rick Walton; Paul L. Anderson, left, and Lynn Carson; Sue Neimoyer