Winners of the 1984 Writing, Music, and Art Contests

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    Ensign Writing Contest

    Article Division

    First prize ($250), Sandra A. Petree, Hays, Kansas, for “Building Bridges” (see page 50); second prize ($150), Penelope W. Swenson, Quincy, California, for “Sweet William”; third prize ($100), Laura R. Marble, Midland, Texas, for “A New Heart and a New Spirit.”

    Short Story Division

    First prize ($250), Tom Williams, Vernal, Utah, for “Jubal on the Mountain” (see page 58); second prize ($150), Alma J.]. Yates, Snowflake, Arizona, for “Amanda’s Miracle Child”; third prize ($100), Caren Llewelyn, Kearns, Utah, for “Grandpa Hillary.”

    Poetry Division

    First prize ($75), Anita Tanner, West Valley City, Utah, for “Water Master”; second prize ($60), D. H. Drake, Pleasant Grove, Utah, for “Forever Now”; third prize ($50), J. Elaine Lattimore, Greenwood, Indiana, for “The Amber Yield.” Winning entries appear on pages 54–55.

    Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest for Women

    First prize ($75), Cheryl Davis, Bountiful, Utah, for “I Can Still Hear Grandmother’s Visions”; second prize ($60), Alice M. Bailey, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Lone Woman: Charity (Arms) Everts” ; third prize ($50), Joanne Ward, Idaho Falls, Idaho, for “Harvest Grain of God.” Winning entries appear on pages 56–57.

    Joel Hills Johnson Music Contest

    Song Division

    First prize ($200), Nonie N. Sorensen, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “My Friends Ye Shall Be Called”; second prize ($150), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, for “Come unto Him”; third prize ($100), Dennis Griffin, Logan, Utah, for “Our Family Loves to Sing.” Honorable mention: Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “Love Is.”

    Hymn Division

    First prize ($200), Carolee Green, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Theodore E. Curtis, Sr., (deceased), for “Awake and Arise.” (see page 63); second prize ($150), David B. Chamberlin, Rochester, New York, for “Harvest”; third prize ($100), James Welch of Santa Barbara, California, and John Sears Tanner of Provo, Utah, for “Bless Our Fast, We Pray.” Honorable mention: John Craven, Coquitlam, B.C., Canada, for “Priesthood Hymn.”

    Children’s Song Division

    First prize ($200), Thelissa Young Zollinger, Englewood, Colorado, for “A Song of Faith”; second prize ($150), Elizabeth P. White, Mesa, Arizona, for “I Think of Baby Jesus”; third prize ($100), Carole Preston Pursley, Thatcher, Arizona, for “I Can Almost Remember.” Honorable mention: Catherine Chivers Johnson, Falls Church, Virginia, for “Primary Makes Me Happy.”

    Anthem Division

    First prize ($200), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, for “From Regions of Glory” (text by Parley P. Pratt); second prize ($150), Joseph H. Downing, Evanston, Illinois, for “Sing Praise to God”; third prize ($100), Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “The Truth Has Been Restored.” Honorable mention: Sylvia K. Riggs, Bell, California, for “The Lord Is My Shepherd.”

    Ensign Art Contest

    Painting Division

    First prize ($300), “The Crossing” by Glen Hopkinson, Cody , Wyoming; second prize ($250), “Brothers Keeper” by Marcus Alan Vincent, Mercer Island, Washington; third prize ($200), “Darlene’s Afghan” by Nancy Crookston, Pocatello, Idaho. Winning entries appear on pages 64–65.

    Drawing Division

    First prize ($200), “Jeremiah” by Charles A. Muldowney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; second prize ($150), “Samson Against the Philistines” by Charles A. Muldowney; third prize ($75), Untitled by Mark Parker, New South Wales, Australia. Winning entries appear on pages 64–65.

    Photography Division

    First prize ($200), “Calm River” by Richard Porter, Provo, Utah; second prize ($150), “Peace in Prayer” by Donald Wetter, Tempe, Arizona; third prize ($75), “Rachel” by Rex Strother, Seal Beach, California. Winning entries appear on pages 64–65.

    Sandra A. Petree; Tom Williams; Anita Tanner; Cheryl Davis; Nonie N. Sorensen; Carolee Green; Thelissa Young Zollinger; Dan Carter; Glen Hopkinson; Charles A. Muldowney; Richard Porter