Psalm of Gratitude and Service

With what coin shall I repay my eternal Father
for the gifts He hath bestowed upon me?
How shall my gratitude be made manifest and acceptable?
My payment shall not be in measure harsh and cold, the clink and chill of mineral,
but in warmth and kindness shall I honor my Creator,
in loving-kindness, as did the Son of Man, to all who stand in need of strength to heart and limb.
May I, as He, serve all who daily walk with heavy loads—
those who hunger and thirst for warm words and small kindnesses.
So may my debt of mortal and immortal life be marked in columns paid,
to serve His children.
Thus, daily succor to them doth bring eternal praise to Him
and peace of soul to me.

On Admission to the Bar

The field of Justice has become my ground,
and some name me as an adversary.
But I have adversaries of my own,
and I ask to appear, for my own sake,
in Mercy’s court. Yet not for my own sake—
dear Lord, be there for my sake, take my case.
I bluster brave before the earthly bar
but cannot practice in the highest court.
Still I need Thee to be my Advocate.

[illustration] The Crucifixion by Carl Bloch. Original at the Chapel of Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. Used by permission of the Frederiksborgmuseum.