Family Testimony Meeting

It was my turn to give the family home evening lesson, and I was excited. Most of my family—me included—had never borne our testimonies publicly, even though in our hearts we knew the gospel was true. And so I wanted to have a testimony meeting.

During the lesson we all laughed and joked. I had mentioned the idea of a testimony meeting earlier, but my family had pushed the idea aside, thinking I was not serious. As the lesson drew to a close, however, I felt impressed that this was the right time for our testimony meeting. I tried to put the thought out of my mind, but the feeling persisted. My best friend, my sister-in-law, was there. She isn’t a member of the Church, and my love for the gospel finally made me reach out to her and tell her of the great joy I have felt in the Church.

As I bore my testimony and told my family of my love for them, the Spirit flowed into our hearts. In a short while we were embracing, sharing our testimonies and our love for one another. It was the most spiritual experience of my life.

My sister-in-law felt a feeling that night that she said she had never felt before. I know if we share our testimonies, they can and will take root and flower in the hearts of those we love. Grace Longoria, Fort Smith, Arkansas

I Was Being Taught

During a study session as a missionary, I was reviewing the fourth discussion. I reviewed the questions we ask about the mission of the Savior. Then, in the quiet of the moment, the roles seemed to change, and I became the one being taught.

The experience was overpowering. Never had the Atonement been so real to me, and I felt encompassed by my Savior’s love. Since that day, the power of that moment has sustained me. I am filled with awe whenever I partake of the sacrament, the emblem of his gift of love, his gift of life. Jonice Hubbard, American Fork, Utah

Feeding the Five Hundred

Just feeding the five in my family sometimes feels overwhelming, so reading in the New Testament about Christ’s miraculous feeding of the five thousand has always impressed me.

But I was also impressed one day as a good neighbor and Relief Society sister brought my family dinner after the birth of my third child. For more than twenty-five years, my neighbor has been taking dinners to families who need a helping hand. She has provided food on scores of occasions and must surely have fed several hundreds of hungry husbands and children. Although she has not miraculously fed five thousand people on an isolated hillside, she had worked her own quiet miracle in feeding the five hundred. Unknown numbers of casseroles, cakes, and salads have gone to nourish people just as dear to the Lord as those gathered on that ancient hillside.

I often wonder how many quiet “miracles” similar to hers are being worked by sisters with charity in their hearts and how much more I can learn to offer. Diane L. Mangum, Salt Lake City, Utah

[illustration] Illustrated by Ron Peterson