When red and blue and green come in
From the outer rim of the color wheel,
And from them violet, orange, gold
Become, then cease, and all is still;
And the whirl of the wheel has died away,
And harmony has culminated,
The synthesis is perfect light
Its facets known yet sublimated.
When body and spirit with fervent faith
Are fired, cooled, then fired again;
Genesis, life, awareness, death,
The whole awhirl, the fire aflame;
When all the dross is floated off,
And ballast tossed for purest flight,
Then shards of joy will coalesce,
Pouring forth celestial light.

Family Unity

Individual flowers
In flamboyant bouquet,
Distinctive blossoms
Gathered to each other;
Fragments of fragrances
Focused to a single scent,
Slender stems strengthened
Into one firm stalk,
Yet this remains a tulip
And that a hollyhock.
So are we
Of variegated personality,
My delicate tint intensified
Against your vivid hue.
We complement each other,
Yet I am I
And you still you.
We, whose single strengths
Are of tender fragility,
May become a solid force
Through family unity.

[photo] Photography by Longin Lonczyna