No Other Way

Surely this heavy grief I cannot bear,
And yet it will not lift its weight from me,
Nor can I now reach back to summers where
The days hang warm and ripe in memory.
If by my will I could just sink and die,
I would—sunless future chills me so!
My small faith quavers, crying to deny
The very God I prayed, childlike, to know!
But death has not been given me to choose,
And there is no backward path to Eden’s gate,
And standing numb—or railing—is no use,
No matter how unbearable the weight.
Like Abraham, like Job, like The One Light,
To find the dawn I must walk through this night.

Children of Light

When the silver light within
illuminates and sends a glow of satin
white throughout the face,
when rising to embrace
the light without in silken
splendour, velvet grace;
then in joyful, lustrous peace
O let us walk as one
of light—as children of the light
who once were dim, but now are bright.

An Exception to the Rule

“One mistake cannot ruin your life,” he said,
But sometimes that is wrong, I see;
For if I dwell on your mistake,
That one mistake can ruin me!

Flirting with Hypocrisy

Dare we compromise
Good by occasionally
Sewing evil seeds and
Deceivingly believe
Our unkind thoughts
And deeds are secretly
Concealed when so
Shortly in eternity
All unamended wrongs
Will be revealed?

[illustration] Painting by Mark Graham