Little one,
remember when I took
the five brown pennies
from your hand,
and in their place
I put a gleaming silver dime?
To my surprise,
you cried with rage—
replacing five with one
could not be fair!
I smiled, then,
at childish reckoning …
until I thought how often
that our Father takes away
the copper blessings
from my hand
and in their place
He puts more precious ones.
Yet, angrily, I count myself
defrauded by the gift.
I have not understood
Eternal reckoning.

Orchestrated Emotion

My heart,
Like an Orchestra,
Is made of many parts,
All trying to play
At once.
Direct the blend
To end
In Harmony—
Not dissonance.


It is past.
This growing season is past.
How sorry I am to see
Upon my unfinished goals and dreams.
I cast my eyes upon the harvest.
It is good
But not complete.
Yet this must be my offering.
How cold the winter is.
How silent!
Yet the snow is vibrant with
Dormant dreams.
It is ahead.
The sun is radiant
And bids me
Open up my heart and
Listen to the Gardener who knows me best.
Take the seeds He gives me.
Trust His time to plant.

Eternal Units of Measure

To earthly destinations
The milestone marks the way;
But second-milestones
Mark the path
Into eternity.

[photo] Photography by Steve Bunderson