Tabernacle Choir Performances Taped for TV

The Tabernacle Choir will perform throughout the United States during the coming months as a result of four half-hour videotapes of its weekly “Music and the Spoken Word” broadcast March 18–19 at the Epcot Center near Walt Disney World in Florida.

The Disney network taped the choir’s performances to use in four national television broadcasts. The choir has already been featured on a Disney special—the Walt Disney World Easter Parade, broadcast March 26 on the ABC television network. Two upcoming national broadcasts will feature choir medleys of folk and patriotic songs, one of which will be used during the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon in June, the other in a Fourth of July program. The fourth broadcast—a choir rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus”—will be part of the Disney Christmas Parade program.

During one of the four short concerts taped on March 18, the choir also sang a group of popular songs from Disney films. Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh, and Snow White joined in the fun when the choir sang “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

In brief remarks during the concerts, commentator J. Spencer Kinard commended the Disney organization for producing “material designed to educate and entertain families. In a time when its strength and sanctity are being undermined, there is still no effective substitute for the family.”

In addition to the Epcot Center performances, on Sunday evening the choir divided into groups of approximately sixty members each to provide music and talks at firesides in five mid-Florida stakes: Orlando, Lake Mary, Cocoa, Lakeland, and Tampa.

Choir firesides, first tried in New Zealand and Australia, make it possible for members, missionaries, and people investigating the Church to see and hear the Tabernacle Choir, even though they may not attend a concert.

In a missionary effort, members of the Lakeland Florida Stake were asked to take a nonmember to the fireside; approximately three hundred nonmembers attended as a result. A total of four to five thousand people attended the firesides.

The choir also performed for the American Society of Neuroradiologists at its convention in Orlando on March 21.

[photo] During its Epcot Center performance, the choir was joined by some unusual guests—characters from Walt Disney films. (Photo by George Papas.)

Choir to Mark 60 Years of Radio Broadcasts

On Sunday, July 16, the Tabernacle Choir will celebrate sixty years of its weekly nationwide radio program, “Music and the Spoken Word.”

No other radio program in the United States has had a longer nationwide network run. The program’s anniversary will be noted during the weekly half-hour broadcast carried nationwide on CBS Radio and in Utah on KSL television. A half-hour commemorative broadcast will follow immediately on KSL.

The choir is inviting listeners worldwide to take part in the anniversary observance by sharing insights or experiences they may have had as a result of the broadcasts. Addresses of past choir members are also being sought so they can be contacted, said Herold L. Gregory, administrative assistant to the president ,of the choir.

Anyone whose life has been influenced by the choir, or who wants to share a particularly meaningful experience associated with the broadcasts, can send a written account to: Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150. Valuable photographs or memorabilia should not be sent unless requested.

Elder George Hill Receives Engineering Honor

Elder George R. Hill III, a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy and first counselor in the Philippines/Micronesia Area Presidency, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Election to the academy is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer in the United States. Elder Hill is one of ninety-seven engineers who recently received this distinction.

According to Robert M. White, president of the academy, academy membership honors those who have made “important contributions to engineering theory and practice,” or those who have demonstrated “unusual accomplishment in new and developing fields of technology.”

Induction ceremonies will be held 4 October 1989 in Washington, D.C.


Regional Representatives

Talcahuano Chile Region, Fernando Aguilar, a Church Educational System coordinator, former stake president.

Quillota Chile Region, Eduardo Alberto Jimenez, Chile welfare coordinator for the Church, former stake president.

Talca Chile Region, Eduardo Ayala, a Church Educational System coordinator, former regional representative and mission president.

Samoa East Region, Daniel Afamasaga Betham, farmer and bank director, former stake president.

Hayward California and Oakland California regions, Lloyd E. Carlson, engineering executive, former stake president.

Burley Idaho and Rupert Idaho regions, Max W. Craner, a Church Educational System area director, former stake president.

Santiago Chile South and Santiago Chile East regions, Emilio L. Diaz, a Church Educational System area director, former stake president and counselor in a mission presidency.

Resistencia Argentina and Asuncion Paraguay regions, Carlos Ruben Fernandez, Church Educational System coordinator for Argentina, former mission president.

Montevideo Uruguay Region, Luis Alberto Ferrizo, auctioneer, former stake president.

Curitiba Brazil Region, C. Roberto Moeller, businessman, former stake president.

Twin Falls Idaho and Jerome Idaho regions, Karl E. Nelson, division general manager for a dairy company, former stake president.

Cordoba Argentina and Mendoza Argentina regions, Hugo Nestor Salvioli, a Church Educational System area director, former regional representative and mission president.

Bogota Colombia Region, Javier Tobon, microfilm company production manager, former stake president.


Membership in the Church passed the six and one-half million mark in 1988 and is moving toward seven million. There were 6,720,000 Latter-day Saints at the end of 1988, up from 5,641,054 at the end of December 1984. That is a 19-percent increase.

Church Membership











LDS Scene

ST. GEORGE, VERNAL, MANTI, AND PROVO, UTAH—Some 9,000 youth and adult leaders received training in their Young Women organization responsibilities during a series of meetings in the Utah South Area this spring. The meetings were held in St. George, Manti, Vernal, and Provo during March. Members of class presidencies, their organizational leaders, and their priesthood leaders were instructed by the Area Presidency—Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone and Elder Paul H. Dunn of the First Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Russell C. Taylor of the Second Quorum of the Seventy. The Young Women general presidency—Ardeth G. Kapp, Jayne B. Malan, and Elaine L. Jack—also instructed the youth and their leaders.

BOISE, IDAHO—J. Dennis “J.D.” Williams, of Preston, has been appointed as Idaho’s new state auditor, succeeding his cousin, Joe R. Williams, who had served in the position for more than thirty years. A former mayor of Preston, the new state auditor is also a former deputy attorney general of Idaho and a current member of the Idaho Water Resource Board. He has been a bishop in Preston and a counselor in the Franklin Idaho Stake presidency.

SANTIAGO, CHILE—Temple work in the Santiago Chile Temple district has been growing rapidly, thanks in part to a “sister stake” concept that pairs stakes in Santiago with stakes from outlying areas. When members from the outlying areas visit the temple in Santiago, members of their sister stake in the city house and feed them, thus making temple trips possible for more people.

COPACABANA, BRAZIL—Roberto de Castro Reimer has submitted more than 7,000 names for temple work. Brother Reimer, an attorney, had great interest in family history before he joined the Church eleven years ago. He has been able to do the work in part because he found that his family line is tied to that of an early Brazilian whose recorded genealogy fills eight volumes.