Area Presidency Assignments

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    The First Presidency has announced Area Presidency assignments for members of the Quorums of the Seventy. The assignments were effective October 1.

    Thirty-one members of the quorums (noted with asterisks) are now serving in their new assignments. The others remain in the positions in which they have been serving.

    North America Northwest: President—Hugh W. Pinnock*; Counselors—Vaughn J. Featherstone* and Yoshihiko Kikuchi*

    North America West: President—Gene R. Cook; Counselors—Ted E. Brewerton and Derek A. Cuthbert

    North America Southwest: President—H. Burke Peterson; Counselors—Ronald E. Poelman and Francis M. Gibbons*

    Utah North: President—William R. Bradford; Counselors—Richard P. Lindsay* and Malcolm S. Jeppsen*

    Utah South: President—L. Aldin Porter*; Counselors—Angel Abrea* and Gerald E. Melchin*

    Utah Central: President—John K. Carmack*; Counselors—Monte J. Brough and Marlin K. Jensen*

    Mexico/Central America: President—Robert E. Wells; Counselors—Horacio A. Tenorio* and Carlos H. Amado*

    Philippines/Micronesia: President—George I. Cannon; Counselors—George R. Hill III and L. Lionel Kendrick*

    Pacific: President—Glen L. Rudd*; Counselors—Douglas J. Martin and Ben B. Banks*

    North America Central: President—Loren C. Dunn; Counselors—Jacob de Jager and Lloyd P. George*

    North America Northeast: President—F. Burton Howard*; Counselors—F. Enzio Busche* and W. Eugene Hansen*

    North America Southeast: President—John R. Lasater*; Counselors—Gardner H. Russell* and Jeffrey R. Holland*

    South America North: President—Charles Didier; Counselors—Hartman Rector, Jr., and F. Melvin Hammond*

    Brazil: President—Helio R. Camargo*; Counselors—Lynn A. Sorensen and Joe J. Christensen*

    South America South: President—Waldo P. Call; Counselors—John H. Groberg and H. Verlan Andersen*

    United Kingdom/Ireland/Africa: President—Jack H Goaslind; Counselors—Alexander B. Morrison and Robert E. Sackley

    Europe: President—Hans B. Ringger*; Counselors—Spencer J. Condie* and Albert Choules, Jr.*

    Asia: President—Douglas H. Smith; Counselors—Adney Y. Komatsu and Merlin R. Lybbert*