The Psalm of My Soul

O Lord,
from wells of deep emotion,
my love flows over—
a grateful love for joys I’ve known
of soul and heart and mind:
the magnitude of space,
the scape and scope of color,
the contour, size, and shape
of plant, of shrub, of giant tree,
all are compassed—
all encompassed, Lord, in Thee!
My soul upon its knees doth walk
in gratitude and praise
for sharing Thine with me.
Through all my days,
I’ve cried to Thee
in joyous bursts of praise
when scenes of splendor
came within my view:
snowy mountains silvering in the light
or morning birds winging off in song.
You only know, dear Lord,
the lessons learned from these
of faith, of strength,
of need to trust in Thee.
My soul upon its knees doth walk
in gratitude
that I know Thee!
I see Thy face
in desert sand,
in rocky gorge,
in somber shade of gray-green sage,
in dew-wet grass,
in heaven’s blue.
I walk upon my knees, dear Lord,
yea, my soul walks upon its knees
for gifts of song,
of speech, of written word,
of compassion’s warming flame.
I walk upon my knees,
share with Thee my joy.
I thank Thee for Thy listening ear.
I thank Thee, Lord,
for Thee.

[photo] Titcomb Basin, Wind River Range. Photo by Welden Andersen.