“Behold, I stand at the door and knock …” *
Within my faithless heart pride deafened me
Each time I knelt to pray without this door;
And choosing worldly paths, I strayed from thee,
For thy still voice was easy to ignore.
Till deep within recesses of my soul,
I heard the echoes of premortal life,
And felt despair I could not console
For time I squandered, lost in sin and strife.
How can it be that thou would come to one,
That thou consider me a soul of worth?
This wondrous thought transcends comparison
As thou art Lord of heaven and this earth.
Each day thy knock still sounds; what is my choice?
O Lord of love and peace, I hear thy voice.

Being in Good Grace

“Blessed art thou Lehi, because of the
things which thou hast done” *
To be seen as
acceptably clean
by One able to view
every dark strew and residue
in the structure of one
speck of dust
just doesn’t
seem possible.
The miracle happens
only because of
sacred scouring
scathing all mire and
to bright hooray
and setting it only
clean repentance reach