He bore Atonement’s agony
By love empowered,
That else were unsustained.
Thus forged,
Sacrificial tender
Bears His image now.
In my finite heart,
The chafing years
Of too-terrestrial time
Had brought myopic hope’s erosion,
Till suddenly, laser-like,
The glory of His Gift
Unveiled a wonder of eternity:
Premortal love—
An echoing—revealed
A deep and poignant need in me
To feel your mortal pain;
Thus, we both are healed.

[photo] The Christus, by Bertel Thorvaldsen

Let Us Not Wait

O Savior,
I live for the day
When every knee shall bow.
As I kneel let me hear
All creation proclaim thy divinity.
But let us not wait
For that glad day.
Rather, give us the wisdom
To live that moment


Given upon the night,
my whispered plea
Becomes a ship of light,
Takes passage and lifts free
Into a stellar sea
Of unimagined luminosity—
kingdom, constellation, nebuli,
Down corridors of sky,
far, far
Beyond great suns and times of reckoning,
To come before the King,
My Navigator, Pilot, Polar Star.

[photo] Photography by FPG International