Six Ways to Help Your Children Learn to Love the Scriptures

By Kenneth W. Anderson

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    1. Read from the actual scriptures whenever possible. This helps children become familiar with the sound of scriptural language and with its unique manner of expressing ideas.

    2. Help your children to read the Book of Mormon when they are very young. There is a spiritual bonding and a sense of belonging that comes to a child when he or she reads the Book of Mormon.

    3. Bear your testimony to your children of the divine nature of the scriptures and of the blessings of having a living prophet.

    4. Sometimes at bedtime, tell your children stories from the scriptures instead of other stories.

    5. Give your children their own journals in which to record their feelings and the events of their lives. Include your testimony in these journals. Help your children to see that in a similar manner, the scriptures are a record of the events and feelings of ancient peoples.

    6. Sustain the prophet and other Church leaders.

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    • Kenneth W. Anderson serves as a counselor in the Orem Utah Park Stake presidency.