Private Interpretation

Command: Be one.
My love, it’s clear
we must adhere
to one another’s atmosphere.
I’ve studied out how you don’t fit,
what you can easily omit
to bring alignment of our lives.
To help us really interknit
I have for you a deluxe kit,
swatches of my shining best
which you can stitch to mind and vest.
I scoured my soul and scrapbook, too
for parts of me that would help you.
I don’t presume to flatly state
that you assume my every trait.
But look!
Here is my nobleness
which will smooth your scragginess
and stretch out your short-sightedness,
and maybe spark your sluggishness,
and bring depth to your shallowness
(to shape it to sagaciousness).
What, dear?
A frown?
How can that be?
This matter of a unity
will forge our best identity.
What fun we’ll have if we agree
to change the you in us to me.

This Organization Was Formed …

When I was young, the growing up don’ts and whys
would squint my eyes with questions. Mama would
hug me and reply, “It’s according to our natures.”
According to her nature, she took me to the happy-
time hide-under quilts, and all the sisters smiling
in their stitchings. And when a sister took down sick
Mama was very quick to take warm loaves of love
from “Relief Society.” I was very unsuspecting
that Mama was selecting me to help serve
a meal and share our love and care in homes
both bright and drab. I always thought Mama
just went to gab, until I got closer to her twenty-nine
and it became my time to be in others’ homes to
visit teach. No one had to preach, for I knew
it was “according to our natures.”

[photo] Photo by Jed Clark