Supplication of a Single Mother

May my Laman and Lemuel
Be an Alma and Ammon, I pray;
May their hearts be turned not to stone,
But to Thee,
Their trust as mine placed in the strength
Of Thy arm.
Should I by their agency
Be destined a Sariah,
Lord, when and where my Lehi?

General Conference Time

Long months pass by
And wallets thin
As we expend
Our meager store,
But then comes
General conference time
When we may open wide
The door to treasure rooms
Within our hearts
Where riches pour
In golden stream
Of coin to fatten purse
With more than mind
Can dream or soul
Can know or ever spend.
We now have wealth
For self, and much to lend.


A splinter of unforgive
festers fast
poisons person
touches testimony maybe.
Try not to hug
the ragged post of pride.

[illustration] Brothers, by Anne Marie Oborn