Psalm on Time

Father in Heaven, unto me
Thou gavest time, eternity—
Time that I might come to earth,
Make myself a child of worth:
A life of service here to spend,
To broken hearts kind words extend,
To educate and train my mind,
To help lost souls thy path to find.
This span of time thou gavest me,
I’ll return in love to thee.
Dear Father, if I’ve used it well,
May I come to thee and dwell?

Joseph Continuum

Lehi to fine Joseph
spoke of the Joseph
ancient one
who told how Joseph
of another time and place
would have a Joseph
doing wondrous work
of truth and grace.

Sister Missionary to the Deaf

Reluctantly, we watched you leave our nest
Determined to go forth and stretch your wings.
Your need to succor would not let you rest,
Who felt such tenderness for weaker things.
Your call was inspiration. Your desire
To teach our Father’s silent ones was strong
And met the Spirit’s urging with a fire
Which has become your message and your song.
Our Father’s voice, for many, has been sealed.
His children who are yearning to receive
May now have plain and precious truth revealed
In ways they can acknowledge and believe.
My daughter, may you answer love’s demands,
Blessed by the pure and priceless gift of hands.


Whether or not my universe
Shows reason or rhyme,
Is malevolent
Or benevolent,
Seems to depend a lot upon how
I feel at the time.

[photo] Photo by Steve Bunderson