New General Authority Assignments Announced

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    The First Presidency has announced changes of assignments for a number of General Authorities. These assignments will be effective August 15.

    Elders Joe J. Christensen, Monte J. Brough, and W. Eugene Hansen of the Seventy will become members of the Presidency of the Seventy, replacing Elders Dean L. Larsen, James M. Paramore, and J. Richard Clarke, who have been called to serve in area presidencies. The new members of the Presidency of the Seventy also serve as executive directors in various Church departments.

    Elder Joe J. Christensen

    Elder Joe J. Christensen

    Elder Christensen was called as a General Authority on 1 April 1989 while serving as president of Ricks College. He has been serving as president of the North American Northwest Area. Elder Brough was sustained as a General Authority on 1 October 1988 and is a former mission president. He has been serving as president of the Asia Area. Elder Hansen, a former stake president, was sustained to the First Quorum of the Seventy on 1 April 1989. He has been serving as president of the Asia North Area.

    Elder W. Eugene Hansen

    Elder W. Eugene Hansen

    Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone of the Seventy will become second counselor in the Young Men general presidency, replacing Elder L. Lionel Kendrick, also of the Seventy. Elder Kendrick will serve as president of the Dallas Texas Temple.

    Elder Monte J. Brough

    Elder Monte J. Brough

    Area presidency assignments have also been announced. All members of the presidencies are members of the Seventy. (Presidents are listed first, with counselors following.)

    North America Central—James M. Paramore, Hartman Rector, Jr., and William R. Bradford

    North America Northeast—Cree-L Kofford, Yoshihiko Kikuchi, and Vaughn J. Featherstone

    North America Northwest—Merlin R. Lybbert, Ted E. Brewerton, and Spencer J. Condie

    North America Southeast—Alexander B. Morrison, Stephen D. Nadauld, and Richard P. Lindsay

    North America Southwest—W. Mack Lawrence, Gene R. Cook, and D. Todd Christofferson

    North America West—John H. Groberg, F. Burton Howard, and Jeffrey R. Holland

    Utah Central—John E. Fowler, J Ballard Washburn, and Durrel A. Woolsey

    Utah North—F. Enzio Busche, Lloyd P. George, and Neil L. Andersen

    Utah South—Malcolm S. Jeppsen, Albert Choules, Jr., and Jack H Goaslind

    Africa—J. Richard Clarke, Earl C. Tingey, and F. David Stanley

    Asia—John K. Carmack, Kwok Yuen Tai, and David E. Sorensen

    Asia North—Merrill J. Bateman, In Sang Han, and Sam K. Shimabukuro

    Brazil—Harold G. Hillam, Helvécio Martins, and Dallas N. Archibald

    Central America—Carlos H. Amado, Robert E. Wells, and Joseph C. Muren

    Europe—Dennis B. Neuenschwander, Robert K. Dellenbach, and C. Max Caldwell

    Europe/Mediterranean—Dean L. Larsen, LeGrand R. Curtis, and Hans B. Ringger

    Europe North—Kenneth Johnson, Hugh W. Pinnock, and Graham W. Doxey

    Mexico North—Angel Abrea, Jorge A. Rojas, and John M. Madsen

    Mexico South—F. Melvin Hammond, Lino Alvarez, and Gary J. Coleman

    Pacific—Rulon G. Craven, Lowell D. Wood, and V. Dallas Merrell

    Philippines/Micronesia—Ben B. Banks, Augusto A. Lim, and Loren C. Dunn

    South America North—Jay E. Jensen, Julio E. Dávila, and Eduardo Ayala

    South America South—Lynn A. Mickelsen, Horacio A. Tenorio, and John B. Dickson