The First Presidency has announced changes in assignments for Area Presidencies. These assignments will be effective 15 August 1996.

Church leaders also announced the creation of the Chile Area, accomplished by a division of the existing South America South Area, and announced that 10 Area Authorities will be serving as counselors in Area Presidencies, whereas last year three Area Authorities served as members of Area Presidencies.

1. North America Northwest: Glenn L. Pace, President; Wm. Rolfe Kerr, First Counselor; C. Scott Grow, Second Counselor

2. North America Central: Hugh W. Pinnock, President; J. Richard Clarke, First Counselor; V. Dallas Merrell, Second Counselor

3. North America Northeast: Vaughn J Featherstone, President; W. Don Ladd, First Counselor; Marlin K. Jensen, Second Counselor

4. North America Southeast: F. Burton Howard, President; John K. Carmack, First Counselor; F. David Stanley, Second Counselor

5. North America Southwest: Dean L. Larsen, President; Lynn A. Mickelsen, First Counselor; Angel Abrea, Second Counselor

6. North America West: Loren C. Dunn, President; C. Max Caldwell, First Counselor; Cree-L Kofford, Second Counselor

7. Utah North: Alexander B. Morrison, President; Robert E. Wells, First Counselor; Robert K. Dellenbach, Second Counselor

8. Utah South: Ben B. Banks, President; L. Lionel Kendrick, First Counselor; Dennis B. Neuenschwander, Second Counselor

9. Mexico North: John M. Madsen, President; Andrew W. Peterson, First Counselor; Tomás Valdés O., Second Counselor

10. Mexico South: D. Todd Christofferson, President; Gary J. Coleman, First Counselor; Octaviano Tenorio D., Second Counselor

11. Central America: William R. Bradford, President; Lino Alvarez, First Counselor; Julio E. Alvarado, Second Counselor

12. South America North: Jay E. Jensen, President; Francisco J. Viñas, First Counselor; Carl B. Pratt, Second Counselor

13. Brazil: Dallas N. Archibald, President; W. Craig Zwick, First Counselor; Claudio R. M. Costa, Second Counselor

14. Chile: F. Melvin Hammond, President; Jerald L. Taylor, First Counselor; Eduardo A. Lamartine, Second Counselor

15. South America South: John B. Dickson, President; Carlos H. Amado, First Counselor; Hugo A. Catron, Second Counselor

16. Europe North: Cecil O. Samuelson Jr., President; John E. Fowler, First Counselor; Spencer J. Condie, Second Counselor

17. Europe East: Charles Didier, President; Bruce D. Porter, First Counselor; F. Enzio Busche, Second Counselor

18. Europe West: Dieter F. Uchtdorf, President; Neil L. Andersen, First Counselor; Gene R. Cook, Second Counselor

19. Africa: James O. Mason, President; Dennis E. Simmons, First Counselor; Christoffel Golden Jr., Second Counselor

20. Asia North: David E. Sorensen, President; Rex D. Pinegar, First Counselor; L. Edward Brown, Second Counselor

21. Asia: Kwok Yuen Tai, President; John H. Groberg, First Counselor; Chung Hei Wong, Second Counselor

22. Philippines/Micronesia: Kenneth Johnson, President; Sheldon F. Child, First Counselor; Quentin L. Cook, Second Counselor

23. Pacific: Lowell D. Wood, President; Bruce C. Hafen, First Counselor; P. Bruce Mitchell, Second Counselor