Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings

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When planning home, family, and personal enrichment meetings, carefully assess the needs of the sisters. When applicable, make certain these meetings include classes that help develop skills in parenting and family relations. The Family Guidebook (31180) and Marriage and Family Relations Instructor’s Manual (35865) may be used as resources. These are available through Church distribution centers.


Ideas for Miniclass Subjects **

Spiritual Development

(D&C 88:63)

Temple worship

Personal prayer and scripture study

Sabbath-day observance (D&C 59)

Homemaking Skills

(Prov. 31:27)

Growing, cooking, and preserving food

Home organization and cleaning

The value of work

Marriage and Family Relations

(Mosiah 4:15; Mal. 4:6)

“The Family: A Proclamation to the World” (Ensign, Nov. 1995, 102)

Family home evening, family prayer, and scripture study

Parenting skills

Strengthening Relationships

(Matt. 5:38–44; Matt. 25:40)

Communication and resolving conflicts

Repentance and forgiveness

Effective leadership


(D&C 88:119)

Home storage and emergency preparedness

Education and resource management

Health and hygiene


(Prov. 31:20; Mosiah 4:26)

Service to family and neighbors

Serving in the Church

Community service project

Physical and Emotional Health

(D&C 10:4; Mosiah 4:27)

Exercise and nutrition

Stress management and recreation

Feeling gratitude and recognizing the Lord’s blessings

Personal Development and Education

(D&C 88:118; D&C 130:18–19)

Patriarchal blessings

Developing talents and creativity

Lifelong learning


(Dan. 1:17; Moses 6:5–6)

Gospel literacy

Written histories and testimonies

Early childhood education and children’s literature

Cultural Arts

(D&C 25:12)

Importance of music in the home

Literature and fine arts

Understanding other cultures

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  1.   *

    Guidelines for home, family, and personal enrichment meetings were distributed with a letter from the First Presidency dated 20 September 1999.

  2.   **

    Resource materials for miniclass subjects include Part A and Part B of The Latter-day Saint Woman and the Gospel Principles manual.