Remember …
… youthful Joseph,
elect and birthright blessed,
despised by his brethren.
Jealous of the coat
when obedient he came,
they conspired and cast him
struggling and stripped
into the pit nor heard
the anguished pleadings
of his soul but sold him
into Egypt as a slave.
… faithful Joseph,
honorable and pure,
prospered of the Lord
in Potiphar’s house.
He would not defile his
master’s bed, hearkened
not to temptation’s
persistent voice, refused
such wickedness and fled.
… fruitful Joseph,
wise and discreet.
Knowing dreams and plan of God,
he gathered from plenty corn and
wheat to save his father’s house.
In dearth his brethren came
seeking bread of life,
and Joseph, forgiving,
nourished them
without money, gold, or price
and preserved by great
deliverance posterity of promise.
Again the famine waxes sore;
many hunger for truth and right.
The waning world wants
purpose, courage, honor,
knowledge, mercy, life.
Know that you have bread
to fill the need.
Remember, oh, remember,
you are Joseph’s seed!

[photo] Photography by Craig Dimond