How Great the Wisdom and the Love

Elder David B. Haight

Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

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The gospel is true. I know it; I’m a witness of it.

I stand here with a humble heart—a heart that is full of love for this work, for you people who are here and who are listening. At our last conference six months ago as I stood here by President Gordon B. Hinckley, he encouraged me to wave to you, and I used all the energy that I had. I’ve heard from some people who thought I was waving a farewell. But I’ve come here today to indicate to you and to tell you I’m back. And I don’t have anyone else pushing my arm for me.

I understand the power of prayer and of faith and devotion, and I acknowledge precious witnesses from heaven. And so I stand here today just to bear my testimony and say hello to you. I’m hoping that by another conference I’ll be totally healed and able to do what I’m asked to do.

God lives. He is our Father—our Father in Heaven.

Eliza R. Snow, who wrote some of our famous music, particularly sacrament music, wrote the words:

How great the wisdom and the love

That filled the courts on high.

Just run that through your mind for a second. Because we were there.

How great the wisdom and the love

That filled the courts on high

And sent the Savior from above

To suffer, bleed, and die!

(“How Great the Wisdom and the Love,” Hymns, no. 195)

We chose to come here. And so we’re here assembled in this vast auditorium, where we can speak to each other and bear witness and bear testimony. I assure you that in those sleepless nights that I’ve had at times, when you attempt to solve all of your problems and to make new resolutions of things that need to be done, I have had those heavenly thoughts that lift us. God our Heavenly Father loves us, as we should love Him. He selected His Son to come to earth and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ, for whom this Church is named and which we bear witness to. I am honored to stand and bear witness today of the foundation of this Church and of our love for President Hinckley, who leads us today.

The gospel is true. I know it; I’m a witness of it. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.